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Tsolnet is a world-class IT company, operating in sub-Saharan Africa. With offices in Johannesburg and in Maputo, this team of professionals are making a huge contribution to the social upliftment in Africa. We are passionate about technology and we align ourselves with the best IT brands in the industry. Our philosophy is centered on people. We believe that technology and innovation will make the biggest impact in eradicating poverty in Africa. While we service our corporate customers with various IT solutions we also focus heavily on educating and developing the next generation through our mentorship, we will make an even bigger contribution to the economy.

Hardware & Software

We represent all the mainstream brands in IT such as IBM, HP, Dell, Microsoft, Cisco, Epson, Lenovo, Hirschman, Toshiba and Xerox.We are committed to providing vertical integration and best quality service in order to develop long-term partnerships with our customers in a vendor neutral environment.

Data Security Solutions

Cyber Crime is our greatest threat nowadays. Hackers around the world are bringing companies to their knees with all sorts of criminal acts, from loss of revenue to loss of data and other resources. It isn’t a luxury; it is a necessity to PROTECT your business from any kind of Cyber Attack. Look at our suite of products to find a solution for you.

Services Data Digitalization

We take paper, scan it, digitalize and index for easy reference. We use a scanning software and hardware platform which takes the legacy historical hard copy, paper based documents and enables easy indexing for effective archival and retrieval, of documents which can easily retrieved and preserved for auditing and historical purposes.

Soft Skills Development

This is a NEW department within Tsolnet, that is focused on two areas in Training – Soft Skills (behavioural skills) and modern Sales Skills (tactics to win in sales). We have partnered with excellent training developers, and can also create bespoke training material according to our clients’ needs.

Business Intelligence tools

Business intelligence (BI) represents the tools, systems and software that play a key role in the strategic planning process of the corporation. Our BI Solutions assists our customers to make more informed business decisions, through a deep understanding of the data. “The way in which you access, manage and interpret your data, will determine whether you win or lose”…Bill Gates

Networking Solutions

What would your business be if it wasn’t Online? If it wasn’t Connected? Not much… Our networking solutions help businesses to stay connected 24/7 and to collaborate and reach greater heights in productivity. With our networking tools, you can make decisions faster and mitigate more security threats. Manage the unprecedented scale of connected devices more easily.


Deliver new capabilities quickly and cost effectively, so you can respond to the rapidly changing marketplace and threats from new competitors. Consumer Payments Commercial Payments Risk and Compliance Manage risk and ensure safety and security for your business and your customers. Financial Risk Fraud and Financial Crimes Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC) Security and Resiliency